The Leasing Association of Kenya launches the first Business Confidence Survey of our members

We were pleased to launch the detailed findings of the first Business Confidence Survey of our members, during a breakfast at the Crowne Plaza. Our members discussed how growth in our sector will be founded on new partnerships with sectors such as medical services providers and corporates that offer asset financing through ‘pay-as-you-go’, that could use the capex freed through leasing equipment, to focus on their customer service. We also discussed how the leasing industry’s human capital would benefit from more training, more innovation and recruiting across different industries.

CSR Activities


At the National Spinal injury hospital, one of our CSR Activities.

Lease Convention 2014

The Leasing Association of Kenya held a two day convention “Lease Convention 2014” under the theme: Leasing the Game Changer, on the 27th & 28th of May 2014 at the Kenya School of Monetary studies. The lease convention 2014 was a first of its kind and it aimed to fulfill the following within the leasing sector in Kenya:

  • Enhance capital formation for both public and private sector
  • Job creation via deepening of financial transactions to support various sector growth initiatives

» Education – skill development via training of devolved government resources

» Agriculture – extend limited financial resources to support irrigation schemes

» Manufacturing – enhance local assembly and servicing of increased equipment use

» Health – enhance proliferation of new innovations across the counties

» Energy – drive the implementation of green energy solutions and sustainability

» Public sector – enhance implementation of Vision 2030 & Jubilee Manifesto via enhanced access to finance for SME’s, value for money public finance through leveraged limited financial resources


HE, The President Flags Off the Leased National Police Vehicles


HE, The President Flags Off the Leased National Police Vehicles

Leasing: What Impact Will It Have On The Kenyan Economy

The Leasing Association of Kenya has said the government’s move to acquire vehicles through leasing could be extended to other equipment as well. The association’s chairperson, Edna Kihara has said that the government could also acquire medical equipment through leasing, saying it would greatly improve the delivery of medical services across the country.